Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful Chenille Irish Baby Blankets From Dargle Design, County Wicklow

    I'm at an age now where everyone seems to be having babies. There is a  challenge of finding original, unique, well-made gifts at a decent price. When my new little nephew Ben was born two weeks ago, I needed to send a present quick. I wanted it to be a heirloom, but useful too.
    I searched Ebay first for handmade personalised blankets, but the designs all seemed to be uninteresting and I'd have to buy outside of Ireland. After googling a bit, I found handmade chenille blankets at Dargle Design in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

You can choose from several designs and colours as seen on their webpage here http://www.dargledesign.ie/
The blanket is plush old-fashioned chenille and they can personalise according to your wishes. It's great to be able to order something handmade in Ireland, and something that LOOKS Irish too! And they had it done and sent to my nephew the day after I ordered.
I wish I would have known about them years ago when my sister in Colorado had her babies. Don't hesitate to try them out when you need a unique baby gift. These blankets are super quality.
And Ben loves his!