Friday, November 5, 2010

Lorraine & Paul's Fantastic and FUN Wedding at Killashee House, Naas, Ireland

Now, this blog post comes with a warning. There are lots of images!
I was with Lorraine and Paul from the getting-ready shots until the 4th or 5th dance and gave them 836 edited pictures of the day. More can be seen at

The getting-ready party of the day was filled with people popping in to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride before she set off for the church. Here are a couple favourites from Lorraine and Paul's house in Newbridge.

The wedding party was led into St. Conleth's by a piper. Here are some scenes from the church.

The weather for the wedding, on the 9th of October, was absolutely amazing for Ireland! I don't think they could have got a better day in June. Beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures were the order of the day.

The reception was held at Killashee House in Naas, County Kildare. This is an absolutely beautiful place to have a wedding.  Very romantic and tons of places to get great pictures.

  We had lots of fun outside on a warm autumn day and everyone was super at posing. I guess the threats of putting them in the Leinster Leader worked!

On to the fun at the reception where they had a singing chef! I had never seen this before, so it was a lot of fun for me. This is a really good idea for a wedding as everyone had so much fun with "Marco" and Riah from People were up out of their seats singing and dancing, waving napkins, and having a grand ole time! Loved it! Will have to do a future blog post on the singing chefs because they really deserve the publicity. Besides being really funny and entertaining, they have amazing operatic voices as well.

I knew this wedding was going to be really fun and I didn't want to leave. Loved the band who had Lorraine sing a song with "Amy Winehouse"! Fabulous!

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph
your wedding Lorraine and Paul. I had the best time
and you were wonderful!