Thursday, October 7, 2010

The European Circus in Newbridge Two Weeks Ago

     My son is four now and had been asking me to take him to the circus that had set up temporarily near Lidl in Newbridge. I figured that 4 would be a good age to go to his first circus as he would be able to sit through an event for more than an hour without getting distracted. I was kind of worried that he might be scared of the clowns or who knows what else though.

I guess I was imagining some Barnum and Bailey type American extravaganza and was pleasantly surprised with the reality of a small European travelling circus. The performers looked a bit ragged and spoke with accented English, but they did entertain quite well for the €14 child and €16 adult admission fees. Here are a few pictures of the performers in the Big Top. Rowan and I liked the bizarre contortionist (who I thought could work for the Cirque Du Soleil if he tried), and the motorcyclists in the cage.

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