Saturday, March 5, 2011

masters of photography art history weekend post series beginning with Julia Margaret Cameron

Angel 1872

Today I'm starting my first posting for a series of weekend posts dedicated to the masters of photography. I majored in Art History at university and always loved learning about the people who made photography an art.
Julia Margaret Cameron, an English woman born in India, received a camera as a gift and began her career at the age of 48. She was influenced by Renaissance artists such as Raphael and Michaelangelo. I can really see this influence in the portrait of an "Angel" above which is from 1872. Julia took portraits of her friends and family and famous people of her day such as the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson and the painter George Frederick Watts. She mostly worked out of her home on the Isle of Wight in England.

 Gardener's Daughter 1872

 Hattie Campbell (a neighbour, year unknown)

Julia's pictures have an other-wordly feel to them that was perfectly in tune with the notions of Pre-Raphaelite beauty of the late 1800s. And I love to see a woman photographer who was able to hold her own amongst the men at the birth of photography.


  1. Lisa this is a great idea, I always say I must start reading up on some masters of photography but never did anything about it. Thank u so much this will be a great start for me! Christine

  2. Love this post and the general idea!
    Never heard of her before
    I majored in Art History too but in a very conservative uni (Florence) where photography was not even on the syllabus

  3. Wow antonella! I'm really surprised you weren't able to study photography as part of your art history course! Do you know any Florentine photographers in art history?


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