Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kerstin and jimmy's wedding with a bit of tech, retro, beach and graffiti...Windmill Lane Dublin

Kerstin and Jimmy live near Windmill Lane in Dublin, which is where there is a famous old recording studio used in the 80s by U2 and Enya (have a look at this article for the musical history). The street has been totally covered in graffiti by fans and is really cool for a retro 80s backdrop. Kerstin and Jimmy prepared for their Dublin Registry Office civil ceremony at the apartment, and they had the company of their closest friends and Kerstin's brother. After the ceremony, we went to Malahide for some photos on the beach and then on to an inside location for some shots.

Kerstin is a talented crafter as she made her own brooch bouquet, invitations, and the labels for their self-brewed kombucha favours! Their friend Jose, who was in attendance on the day, supplied them with their fantastic rings handmade by his father in Spain. A big hug to Kerstin and Jimmy and have a fabulous time in the rest of your wedding celebrations across the world!

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