Friday, July 13, 2012

michelle and john, phoenix park, dublin

On possibly one of 5 sunny and dry days this past June, I had the pleasure of photographing Michelle and John in Phoenix Park in Dublin. It was a beautiful sunlit evening! Michelle and John did a great job in front of the camera and I'm looking forward to seeing them again at their wedding this September. All shots were done on Fuji Pro 400H, Ilford XP2, and Ilford 3200 film for the techies.



  1. Lovely light and quality to these Lisa. Just beautiful. Are they shot with your mamiya + 80mm combo?

    1. Thanks Paula! I used the Mamiya and 80mm 1.9, and the Contax 645 and 80mm 2, and my OM-1n with a 100mm 2.8 lens. Film really makes it look 3D.


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