Friday, October 12, 2012

A Lovely Honeymoon Shoot In Howth Ireland for a Sweet German Couple

Now for something different, a honeymoon shoot! Elisa and Ben are from Germany and they were recently married this September in their home. They came to Ireland for their honeymoon, and wanted to get some photos of them in their wedding clothes. I suggested the beautiful sea-side setting of Howth near Dublin. We were able to find a romantic castle, the windswept cliffs of Howth Head, and the harbour with boats. Perfect! Congratulations to Elisa and Ben and I hoped you enjoyed your visit to Ireland!


  1. So sweet! Beautiful pictures, well done :)
    It's a gleam of love, great

  2. Great pictures - dreamlike...!
    You' d chosen really wonderful places for the photos!!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Love it! God bless them!


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