Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm in Love with Daniela Besso's Designs

I'm kinda obsessed with Etsy, the online marketplace for selling anything handmade, original, and vintage. I only discovered it last year, but I've made a point of going there first when I'm looking for something unique.

You can really find almost everything for a wedding there. Your dress, your bridesmaid's dresses, flowers, invitations, decorations, jewellery, everything! That's the subject of a whole other blog post though.

One of my fave finds of all time on Etsy is the Italian luxury designer Daniela Besso, who is based out of the UK. I knew her clothes would be top quality from looking on her website at

Daniela puts her sales on Etsy here Now I can start a collection! I wore this outfit to a recent wedding and got tons of compliments. I only brought my little point & shoot Lumix to the wedding, and I'm afraid I can't post a pic because the person who took it wasn't a photographer!

I have this dress too and it's my absolute fave. I have it in black which isn't available anymore. I wear it dressed down with a denim western-style shirt from the Gap and dressed up with lovely jewelery from the Jaeger outlet at Kildare Village. I have some other dresses from Daniela too and they are outstanding as well. Now I just need the occasion to wear them!

I love Daniela's designs and I'm sure you will too! She is very talented and is seems like a lovely person as well.

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