Thursday, May 5, 2011

resurrecting the first wedding i ever photographed in Ireland....

I thought it would be fun to resurrect the first wedding I ever photographed in Ireland. What strikes me about this wedding is that it is so timeless. A lesson to couples everywhere. Even though the wedding was nearly five years ago, the photographs still look fresh. Partly because the bride was dressed simply and elegantly, and partly because I, as a photographer, wasn't dabbling too much in special colour effects and toning. I gave them their photographs in simple coulour, and black and white. Today I do experiment a bit with vintage toning, but not too much. I really think people will look back on the retro toning styles as dated and so 2010/2011!

 And wasn't it just my luck that it was an outdoor ceremony and it rained! It's a big risk to have a ceremony outside in Ireland, so make sure you're prepared with a marquee like this couple were at their family home.

They had converted an old granary on their property into a reception hall for the wedding. Fabulous!

And look how cute the little origami name plates are that the Japanese bride made. A beautiful, timeless wedding!


  1. Very lovely Lisa, they both look so happy. Her bouquet was incredible!

  2. The black and whites getting ready are very timeless. And I agree about simple processing and longevity!

  3. Just as gorgeous today as it was then!

  4. I love the simple black and white! I like and use a lot of today's "vintage" processing, but I can't help but think these will really look dated in years to come. I remember a trend a couple years ago for low clarity which resulted in really soft almost dreamy blurry pictures. Now they look so cheesy and dated!


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