Monday, May 9, 2011

why should I let my photographer in the room with me while getting ready?

Some people may be used to the idea of a more traditional photographer who only takes photographs during the ceremony and a bit after. However, today many prefer a more contemporary style of photography where the photographer is there all day, including the getting-ready shots of the bride and/or groom. Believe me, you will want your photographer to get all kinds of beautiful artistic shots of all of the details you laboured months over to plan. And before the ceremony starts is the best time to get these. With these details shots in mind, I've made a couple inspiration boards from some weddings that I've photographed. I will add some more this week as a theme of getting-ready shots from the bride's room and the groom's room. I love getting these kinds of shots!


  1. My photographers came to the house the morning of the wedding and got lots of lovely photos of me getting ready and the general excitment, which was really lovely. They got all the details like the flowers, shoes, necklace and I'm delighted to have really good photos of all the details.

    However, my photographers were two good friends of mine, one my best friend.

    They were in the room while the dress was being put over my head and while I was in my bra and knickers. There's no way I would have allowed a stranger into the room in that siutation. Particularly if it was a male photographer. I would be very uncomfortable with a stranger in my bedroom and if we had hired photographers whom we didn't know to take our photos, we would have respectfully asked them to stay in the downstairs of the house.

    I'm all for getting all the details, but I'm not all for having a stranger photograph and watch me in my bra and knickers!

  2. Great point Karen! As a woman, I'm usually welcomed in the room and I respectfully don't take photographs when the bride is in a state of undress :)
    But I believe I would feel uncomfortable with a male photographer. Maybe some male photogs use female assistants to get these photos? Not sure...
    There is a wonderful sense of anticipation though before the ceremony that I hope to capture a glimpse of in the photography. And of course, the time to take all of those details shots.


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