Friday, September 16, 2011

ensign ful-vue and esso pump

I tried to find an old fashioned Irish phonebooth like the wooden ones I remember from the first time I came here in 1999, but I don't know if any exist anymore. I was taking some film shots with my Ensign Ful-Vue TTV camera from the 40s and needed something vintage and shabby. I love the colours of this old Esso petrol pump I found somewhere in County Clare. Now to build a collection of Irish un-intentionally shabby chic photography. Anyone know where any old phonebooths are?


  1. Hey Lisa,

    that's too cute - where is it?
    Re: phone boxes. There's one in Enniskerry as far as I know and also from a little research there it seems there's one in Rossadrehid, Co. Tipperary and in Timoleague in Cork.

  2. there's loads of old pumps scattered around the country. there's one on show up in Airfield Dundrum too.
    Theres an old phonebooth in Enniskerry on the main street. You'll see in on Google street view!

    Hi, I'd like to share a Google Maps link with you. Link:

  3. O great idea will keep an eye out on my travels round the country! C

  4. Thanks everyone! That petrol pump might actually be the one at Airfield now that I think of it. I was thinking of the one at Killaloe, but I'm not sure if it's Esso. Or i might be thinking of old petrol pumps in Broadford County Clare. I think I'm definitely going to do a roadtrip of iconic old phonebooths and petrol pumps with my film cameras!


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