Monday, September 26, 2011

second-shooting at richard and maria's wedding with christina of brosnan photographic

This summer, I had the opportunity to second-shoot at a wedding with my friend and colleague Christina of Brosnan Photographic. It was the first time I had tried second-shooting and the second time I had the company of Christina at a wedding (see here). Christina is currently the Photographer of the Year and Overall Wedding Supplier of the Year. It was a great opportunity to watch a observe a fellow colleague and learn as well as having fun. It's certainly less pressure to not have to be the one in charge and to have the time to stand back and experiment a bit. I had a great time and felt very welcome by Maria, Richard, and everyone who attended their wedding. It was simply fabulous! Thank you to Christina for inviting me to second-shoot, and to Maria and Richard for allowing me to be a photographic wedding crasher on the day!


  1. Was a pleasure to have you along Lisa and your photos added so much to their wedding story!

  2. Lovely photos lisa! Love the pic of the bride looking away holding here veil. Christine

  3. Thanks Christina! Christine, the bride was in the doorway of the church getting ready to walk down the aisle with her father. As a second-shooter, I was able to capture that moment. Usually I'm at the altar as the bride comes down.


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