Wednesday, November 23, 2011

elisha and neil, and their cat missy :)

Over the past year, largely due to social networking like Twitter and Facebook, I've made some fab friends within the wedding industry here in Ireland. That's how I met Elisha Clarke, a fantastic photographer and artist (that's her with the little Angry Birds paintings she made to decorate the house she shares with her boyfriend Neil). Elisha also 2nd shot with me on a wedding this past August (here), and hopefully I'll get to tag along with her soon. 
After my computer started acting strangely a couple months ago, I ask Elisha and Neil to help me find a new one and save my old one which finally died. In exchange for their awesome help, I shot some portraits for them. Thanks guys for all your help and hope you like your pictures!


  1. Wow, these guys look so fun and laid-back - your pics make me kinda feel like we're already BFFs :) Although i'm not sure if Missy is sharing the love, haha! Also, LOVE the last shot E - stunning (definitely a framer!)

  2. Thank you so much again Lisa. So nice to finally have nice photos of us!


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