Wednesday, June 6, 2012

maeve and niall, happy in love at the woodlands hotel limerick

Maeve and Niall were a joy to photograph at their wedding in Castletroy and The Woodlands Hotel in Adare, County Limerick. They are so happy and in love, and were clearly meant to be together. Everytime I peeped at Maeve through my camera's viewfinder, she was beaming. The bridesmaids were dressed in a beautiful soft sage green, and there were lots of happy children there enjoying the day with their parents. And, I do have to say this was the first wedding where the groom's right hand man, was a dashing pink-haired woman! Check out her gorgeous suit which was hand-tailored in Australia! A big hug to Maeve and Niall and congratulations on your wedding and your new life together!


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