Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sneak peek of a anniversary shoot done in film


I did a 100% film 6-Month Anniversary shoot recently for one of my favorite wedding couples from 2011, Jen and Mark. We didn't get the chance to do an engagement shoot before the wedding, so we did their anniversary shoot in May. Camera used was a Mamiya 645 AFd with Fujifilm 400H and Portra. Full blog post to come soon!


  1. Eek! Can't wait to see the results.....

  2. Looks gorgeous! Will look forward to seeing more! My husbands looking into buying a Mamiya 645 at the moment, looks like it's a good one to start experimenting with film!

    1. I have the autofocus one Ciara, but don't actually use the autofocus. Manual focus is easier. It's a great camera! I've been adding to my collection so hope to blog some images with my Contax 645 and OM-1n next! I love film!

  3. Oh I do love the quality of film, so beautifully soft and pretty! Excited to see more :) xo


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