Friday, March 1, 2013

Art Nouveau and Silk Road Album Collection, New for 2013...Specially Chosen to Complement Printed Film Photographs

I've been searching for the perfect fine-art style heirloom albums since switching to mainly shooting film this year from digital. I wanted to find something handmade, in sumptuous textiles....something that was beautiful to hold as well as look at. I know how important the disk of photographs is, but I think the album is what a couple should have as the momento of their wedding day. How wonderful it is to hold an album, or to see a printed photograph in today's digital world! It is really something special and something I strongly believe in. So many children are going to grow up without family albums of printed photographs to cherish, and those photos on the disc or computer won't last forever.

And it is with this in mind, and also my love of Art History, that I present my 2013/2014 wedding and portrait album collection.

I'd like to present something real in every wedding package I offer. Not only the disk of "virtual" photographs. This is the beautiful box of 4x6 inch prints from your wedding day.

You choose from 16 gorgeous colors of silk, and the box is handmade for you in San Francisco. Whenever your wedding is finished and you have gone through your online gallery, you will really love passing around the prints from your wedding day with your loved ones. There is just something special about seeing the print in person and holding the images in your hand.

After choosing your favorites from the day, I will help you order a matching handmade Silk Road album with it's own matching clamshell box. So elegant! Each gorgeous film print is mounted in a 4-ply mat and the album starts with 20 page sides. You can add up to 30 page sides with the 11x11 inch album, or you can upgrade to a 13x13 or 14x14 inch album with up to 40 page sides.  

Parent albums are available too, as well as Museum Boxes with mounted prints. Lovely gifts for your parents to treasure!

If you'd love an album that has more of an antique artistic vibe, then the Art Nouveau is the album for you. You can choose from 6 jewel tone velvet covers, and even emboss your names or a heritage design on the cover. 

This album comes in 10x10 inch and 13x13 inch sizes. There is also a 7x7 inch parent album available. The pages are a heavyweight paper, and printed film photographs are hand-mounted and attached with photo-corners. The album comes with its own lucite slipcase in milk white or transparent. Such a gorgeous tactile feel to this album! 

If you'd like to talk more about having your wedding or portrait session photographed in wonderful film  (analogue film rolls, not movies!), please contact me through my webpage at or email at info(at)

Meetings can be set up in person or through Skype. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  1. I'm so excited about your switch to film!! Looking forward to featuring more of your gorgeous work this year :) xo

    1. Thanks Louise! I'd love to have more features on b.loved too!


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