Monday, August 8, 2011

new eco-leather albums by folio uk and pretty packaging for discs

This year, I've completely changed my selection of albums that I offer. While I can order any album that a client desires, I do have a selection of choice albums that I have samples of. One of the newer offerings this year is the fine art eco album made in the UK by Folio. The album is hand-bound, and encased in fine natural leather. The pages are thick and rigid and come in a choice of Art White or Art Cotton (which my plum-coloured album has). The thing I love about this album is that the paper is matte and non-reflective, and the cover is simple, beautiful, and top-quality. It truly is a fine-art style album and perfect for the style of photography I like to do. And look at the swatch of beautiful colours above and the pretty tree-printed box it comes in!

My sample album is 10x10 inches and 30 pages, which can be upgraded to 12x12 inch and more pages if needed. Please email me if you'd like to view these in person and discuss photography further.

And a little peek at the packaging for discs of images for my photography. What do you think?


  1. Beautiful albums! I love the colours.

  2. Wow those look very pretty. I'd love to get one of them!

  3. Yes Aga. I love the colours too. Had a hard time deciding between the jade green and the plum :)

    Annie, have you printed your wedding pictures yet? You could also do one as a portfolio of your weddings!

  4. Love the packaging ideas and the album. You can't beat that hand finished quality of leather. Did you hand craft the tags for your wallet?

  5. Alison, I made one of my business cards into a tag (Moo card of course!), and the dove one is crafted by a lady in Florida who I order crafty stuff from! I think she scan vintage prints and prints them on tags, then applies glass glitter.


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