Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pilates For Life, Newbridge, County Kildare

For the last six weeks, I've been taking pilates classes from Eithne at the Pilates For Life studio in Newbridge. She recently asked me to take some photos of her classes. I used to do Pilates years ago, before I had kids, and it was only a Geri Haliwell DVD combined with a bit of yoga (ha ha!). After doing a bit of online research, I found the Pilates For Life studio which is only 5 minutes away from my house. I recruited fellow photog to join me in my exercise endeavors, Christina Brosnan. Pity she was sick the last time I brought my camera to class!

Pilates is great for all ages and sizes, men and women. I hated going to the gym, but I love that we do the pilates workouts as a group and have a bit of craic and banter at the same time. And you won't sweat too much, just stretch and become stronger and leaner (if you wanna sweat, Eithne has body ball and intensive classes too!).

Eithne has a pregnancy pilates class too, which is something I really would have enjoyed when I was pregnant. Can you believe these ladies are all in their final trimester of pregnancy? If you are interested in giving pilates a try, Eithne has new classes starting the first of September. Have a look at the Pilates of Life webpage and try it out. See you there!

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