Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the Punk Anti-Bride: LaCamelot Luxuries on Etsy

   If you're the kind of gal who still likes the Smiths and used to wear Docs in school, then you surely won't be a traditional bride. You still want to look pretty on your wedding day, and add your own unique touches though. You should have a look at LaCamelot's Shop on Etsy. Even Courtney Love has shopped here!

Bib Necklace Inspired by Marie-Antoinette

Pearls & Lace Headband

Beaded Embroidery Bib Necklace on Antique Lace Collar

Flower Garden Vintage Fabric Lace Cuff


  1. I'm honored to be featured in this beautiful blog!

    Thank you so very much, I appreciate it :)

    xo La Camelot

  2. We love your beautiful creations! Hope we see some on Irish brides :)


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