Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whimsical Fascinators and Hairbands Made in Florence

 I studied art history in Florence Italy ten years ago as a part of my college study-abroad program. I cried when I had to leave and have always vowed to go back. Now I can have a little part of Florentine beauty from Etsy artist On Your Head
One of the great things about Etsy is you can order from the artist directly and know that you are buying something that is handmade by an individual, not a factory or big corporation. The girl who makes these lovely hair accessories is a student too, so you are supporting her education and giving her the confidence to grow her own business.
So far, I have two weddings to attend as a guest in 2011. Which fascinator should I choose?
And for all you brides out there, she works with your ideas to do CUSTOM pieces. 


  1. Hi! I own a couple of OnHìYourHead headbands, and I love them!! :)
    She has a special touch...
    As for your fascinators.. uhm.. I really can't decide! I'd go for a custom item! :)

  2. Eleonora creations are really adorable!!

  3. Hi:D
    Eleonora's creations are amazing... I have one of her hair pins and it's gorgeous!
    ahhh you cried when you left Italy...I cried when I left Ireland :D It's in my heart! Love your country!


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