Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Handmade Valentine Gift with your Photography

 Almost ten years ago, I met my future husband in Japan. I'm American, he's Irish, and we were both teaching English on the JET Programme in Shiga Prefecture near the ancient capital of Kyoto. Japan is a photographer's dream! I found a handmade paper journal in a shop in Kyoto, and proceeded to decorate it with photographs, paintings, calligraphy from monasteries, stamps, postcards, and poems. This is the little gift I made for my husband. I think it could provide inspiration for an artsy person to make a lovely Valentine's gift for a loved one. Search Etsy with words such as journal, notebook, paper book, or album, and see what kind of lovely handmade items you can find. Then personalise it with photographs, mementos, and poems. He or she is sure to treasure it forever!

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