Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Paper Millinery Flowers from Japan...DIY Boutonniere?

 While trawling Ebay for interesting items a couple of weeks ago, I came across these vintage paper millinery flowers from Occupied Japan. I bought them thinking I could use them for something crafty somewhere down the line.

There are three little bunches tied together, and I think they would make great little boutonnieres tied with a bit of shabby chic ribbon and florist's tape.

Or I might just decide to keep them in the little handmade vase I bought in Shigaraki, Japan. I think they look perfect there!


  1. I'm loving your second creative side Lisa! Can't wait to see more of your vintage creations.

  2. My creative side has always been there! I'm an Art History and Fine Arts Major from uni!


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