Thursday, June 16, 2011

the beautiful historic merry-go-round carousel at idlewild amusement park, ligonier, pennsylvania

Voted Best Kid's Park by Amusement Today and ranked as one of America's most beautiful theme parks, Idlewild is a place that my grandparents, parents, and me and my children have all enjoyed. The park dates from 1878 and the rides were added from the 1930s according to Idlewild's webpage

We were there on Monday, and I thought I'd show my favourite attraction at Idlewild...the historic merry-go-round or carousel. It was built by the Philadelphia Tobbogan Company (the oldest roller-coaster manufacturing company in the world!) in the 1920s and has been at Idlewild since the 1931. It's all 100% original and to me is a marvel of artistic craftsmanship. The sound of the fairground music coming from the Wurlitzer is enchanting as you can see from the children's expressions. I love it!

What a fantastic job for an artist to paint murals for a carousel! I can't imagine that carousels are made this well today.

If you are ever in the Laurel Highlands area of Western Pennsylvania, be sure to include Idlewild in your itinerary. There is so much to visit around this area which isn't too far from Pittsburgh. This is where Fred Rogers of Mr Roger's Neighborhood and Arnold Palmer the famous golfer came from. Also, Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Fallingwater is not too far from here.

More Idlewild fun to come!

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