Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pretty early 20th century american arts & crafts pottery and stained glass

Back for another peek at my parent's house in Pennsylvania! My family is a big fan of history and antiques. Pennsylvania used to be a wealthy state full of natural resources like wood, coal, natural gas, and steel. These industries were at their peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and one can find lots of lovely antiques in this area from this time.

My mom used to collect American Arts & Crafts style pottery from the early 20th century which you can see displayed in the living room. Some is Roseville, some is Hull or McCoy, and a bit of Weller. All are Ohio art pottery firms that are highly collectible and quite fashionable now. My mom was lucky to pick up her collection here and there at flea markets or auctions, and most have some chips or cracks. While they are not perfect, I still think they are lovely and would love to bring some back to Ireland!

My mom started doing stained glass in the 70s. She took classes at the community college with her friend and enjoyed the hobby for 35 years. These are some of her Tiffany lamps that she made. She has reproduction Tiffany lamp bases to match each shade. Thankfully, she brought one of her dragonfly lamps to me in Ireland when she visited last!

 These lamps have around 1000 little pieces of stained glass that my mom cut! I always remember going with her on shopping trips to Youghiogheny Glass. The gorgeous glass is still made in Western Pennsylvania in Connellsville.

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