Thursday, June 30, 2011

week in rehoboth beach, delaware... fun in the sun!

Last week my family and I rented a big 'ol beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. My sister came over from Colorado, and a bunch of other extended family members joined in on the fun in the sun.

Rehoboth is a typical little East Coast Atlantic Ocean seaside resort from the turn of the century with a boardwalk. Its history is kind of interesting as it was founded by a Baptist minister after he had a dream of a Christian seaside meeting place. Now it's an infamous "rainbow friendly" beach! It's very quaint and a fun, quiet place for families.

My niece and nephew are above with my sister and her hubby, and my mom and dad. And below are all of the kids in their Coopersmith's Brew Pub (compliments of my brother-in-law Chris) tie-dye t-shirts. They caused quite an "Awww, look how cute!" stir on the boardwalk that night.

A great time was had by all in gorgeous weather! Wish Rowan wouldn't have brought a case of the chicken pox all the way from Ireland though (no worries for the American kids because they are vaccinated here)! Must say the fresh beach air and salt water cleared them up pretty quickly :)



  1. Beautiful Lisa!!!!! Looks like such a lovely time.....always wanted to try Rehoboth, idyllic! Everyone looks so happy...enjoy the 4th...pox or not!

  2. Thanks Imen! I love the East Coast beaches with the boardwalks and old-fashioned shops, taffy, amusements, ice-cream! Heard you are getting some beachy weather in Ireland too :)


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