Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pretty peonies and poppies my mom planted

Having a Victorian-era house in the US means you have to plant beautiful flowers to compliment the house. My mom works at a DIY store so she has access to pretty plants on sale or at an discount. Here's a peak of some beautiful pink peonies she planted next to the PVC fence she and my dad put up (a DIY store score).

Peonies have become quite popular for modern and vintage weddings too. They are really gorgeous and totally lush!

The purple Rhododendrons were here when my parents bought the house around 15 years ago. I haven't seen these in a wedding bouquet yet!

My son is trying to pick a peony for a vase. A hard feat as scissors are need for this task... but he suceeds in the end with a little help from Pappy.

And I LOVE these pink poppies. I've never seen this colour before. I've only seen red and orange. my mom said she bought it on sale.

Some potted petunias flowers on the front porch.


  1. Beautiful - I love flower shots

  2. I had to laugh at your son trying to reef the head off the peony. He's some dude! :)


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