Sunday, June 12, 2011

my parent's house in pennsylvania

Since a lot of my blog's readers are in Ireland, some might be curious to see my parent's house in Pennsylvania where we vacation every summer. This is my parent's house in north-central Pennsylvania in a little Victorian town called Brookville. I didn't grow up here, but I love staying with my family here. The house was built around 1890, at a time when this little town was rich with people making money in the logging industry. There are lots of beautiful houses from the 1800s and if you could find a job here, they can be bought for a song. Unfortunately, there isn't much work here anymore and it's pretty economically depressed. But it is a beautiful place to get away from it all in an area of the state that is called The Pennsylvania Wilds.

One of my favourite things about American houses that I miss when I'm in Ireland is the porch. My parents found some beautiful wicker furniture from yard sales that they put on the porch. I love sitting out there and reading magazines or books, but my legs get all bit up by mosquitos in the muggy evenings!

That's my Daddy outside on the porch with me. I bought him some lottery tickets from Ireland he is scratching off. And my husband Niall sitting with us...not sure why they look so contemplative. They probably just don't want to look at the camera!

More pictures to come of my mom's flowers and other scenes of my life in America in the summer.


  1. Lisa your parents house is just gorgeous, what a beautiful place to visit every summer! It's such a shame to ready that the area is difficult to find work in though, living there would be such a pleasure I imagine. Nice to see some members of your family too! I love the idea of the porch, and you know we Irish people could do with a nice porch when our weather turns grey and wet and it's too miserable to sit without shelter!! Maybe we can start a new trend here :)

  2. I think the porch idea could definitely catch on in Ireland! I'm going to do a post today with my mom's flowers, so you'll have to check back!


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